• 11.1 employees per business ratio.
  • Immediate access to multiple highways and rail systems.
  • Close to skilled labor pool.
  • Pro-business city officials.
  • Local community college geared to help local business.
  • Many tax abatements and incentives designed to help improve profitability of businesses.

Chicago Heights is the perfect place to grow your small business.  Within a 15-minute drive from the center of Chicago Heights, there are 8,090 businesses with 89,808 employees.  This translates to 11.1 employees per business, well below the Illinois average of 16.1 employees per business.  Small businesses choose Chicago Heights for its immediate access to multiple highways and rail transportation options, its close proximity to a vast skilled labor pool, and the pro-business approach of its city officials.

Additionally, the city of Chicago Heights and the local community college, known as Prairie State College, offer several services to help the local business community, including courses on manufacturing, maintenance optimization, quality assurance, supply chain management, safety, construction, workplace readiness and other tools for small businesses.  The school also boasts a conference center where local businesses can take advantage of auditorium space, meeting rooms, catering services and exhibit space.

Further, Chicago Heights provides a broad range of tax abatements and other incentives designed to help your business save money and improve overall profitability.  Chicago Heights prides itself on creating a business environment where local companies can prosper.

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