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Abandoned Property Acquisition Program (APAP)

The APAP program is designed for people who are interested in pursuing tax delinquent property in Chicago Heights. This program is meant to protect our City from becoming blighted through abandoned properties, which can adversely affect the economic development of the neighborhoods.

  • Review and fill out the APAP form listed below.
  • Be sure to fill out a detailed narrative specifying the property you are interested in, your desire to utilize this program, and details regarding your intended use of the property, as well as the dollar amount you anticipate investing.
  • The program also requires you to deposit a moderate escrow fee to fund legal expenses; and, the City will undertake the legal process to acquire title for you with all liens and delinquent taxes eliminated.

Once the form is completely filled out, present the document to our office at 365 W. 14th Street, Chicago Heights, IL. The documents will be reviewed and a decision will be made.