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>> Just 20 miles from Chicago

>> Home to more than 100 local and national businesses

>> Extensive freight rail system

Strategically located just 20 miles from Chicago, the City of Chicago Heights is home to more than 100 local and national businesses.  Nearly one half of the United States population can be reached within a one-day truck drive from Chicago Heights.  Its extensive network of freight rail systems provides companies an attractive and cost effective transportation option, connecting the Midwest to both the East and West Coast.  Whether by truck or by rail, Chicago Heights offers manufacturing and industrial companies a strategic supply chain and logistics advantage.

With close proximity to and from the Chicago Metropolitan area, Chicago Heights offers a wide range of employers and residents the ability to enjoy both their work and home environments without the congestion of a long commute.  Companies located in Chicago Heights have access to an abundant pool of skilled workforce and a local college with a multitude of training and educational courses.  In addition, Chicago Heights offers companies abundant public and franchised utility systems to meet their needs and a local City government eager to welcome new businesses to the area.

It’s no surprise that prominent firms like FedEx, Ford Motor Company, Behr Paints and 60 other industrial manufacturing and distribution companies call Chicago Heights home.

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Being on the corner of Dixie Highway and Vollmer Road has been great for us. We have plenty of people who drive by, see the sign, stop in, and become longtime customers. We’re also close to a lot of the Chicago Heights schools so we get teachers coming in for lunches and students after school.


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The Chicago Heights Economic Development Corporation is dedicated to fostering the creation of new businesses and the retention and expansion of existing businesses to stimulate economic growth in Chicago Heights.

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