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Working Families Choose Chicago Heights

Chicago Heights has a population of approximately 30,000 residents, with roughly 228,000 residents within a 15-minute drive, and nearly 1,310,000 residents within a 30-minute drive.  The population in Chicago Heights and the surrounding area can be defined as a middle-income group with the largest percentage of the population between 25 and 54 years old.  Chicago Heights, in particular, has a median age of 35.6, below the median age in the U.S of 38.5 (according to 2020 Census figures), and an average household size of 2.9, slightly above the 2.58 U.S. average (according to 2020 Census figures).  These demographics provide evidence to support that many younger, working families have chosen Chicago Heights as their home. 

I was raising my family in the South Suburbs. I grew up in the South Suburbs. Chicago Heights was a very perfect location for me, my family, and to grow the business.

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The Chicago Heights Economic Development Corporation is dedicated to fostering the creation of new businesses and the retention and expansion of existing businesses to stimulate economic growth in Chicago Heights.

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